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The Design of Speed

Pagani Huayra dashboard

📸: Photo courtesy

Once we decided to start the Instrumentation category, we knew it would be just a matter of time before we got to the outrageous designs of Pagani. As we mentioned earlier, sports cars are as much about the subjective driving experience as the objective performance on the road or track. And supercars are particularly obligated, if you will, to provide a superlative experience for their owner/drivers. Horatio Pagani's company seems to understand this very well, as evidenced by the highly stylized interior treatments in which they immerse the driver.

📸: Photo from Pinterest

These photos are of the interior of Pagani's lastest model, the Huayra Roadster. And while we find it difficult to fault Pagani for their bold execution, we do have to note that the styling seems to be given priority over clarity. These gauges actually demand that one spend a fair amount of time studying them, getting to know their eccentricities (the speedometer needle, for example, rotates counter-clockwise), before one can decipher their information in a quick glance. These are NOT race car clocks, that's for sure.


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