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The Design of Speed

Aston Martin Vantage GT8/GT12

📸: Photo courtesy

We're still talking Serious Downforce, but now we're just looking at cars with crazy wings. Not Bosozoku crazy (although that might be fun!), but just massive bits of aero that almost seem overblown and out of place on the street. And yes, we've already looked at the Dodge/Plymouth Charger/Superbird... now let's look at a few others.

📸: Photo courtesy

Up first is another Aston Martin, the Vantage in either GT8 or GT12 form, which are basically street-going versions of the Vantage GT series race cars. The aerodynamics for the street cars are toned down, but just barely.

📸: Photo courtesy

The wing is wild, no question, but it also makes the car look unquestionably aggressive.


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