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Ferrari see-thru engine covers

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Starting with the F360 Modena, Ferrari began using clear glass covers to show off their fantastic engine technology to passersby. Sergio Pininfarina himself reportedly said, "The 360’s engine was a masterpiece, so we asked, "Why must we keep the masterpiece in the car?’” We think this is a great question, and we think the glass covers are a very cool design. Since 1999, all mid-engine Ferraris (with the exception of Spyder models of the F458 and F488) display their wares through these covers.

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These see-thru engine covers remind the viewer that they're not looking at just a car, but a vehicle in which performance is so primary, the powerplant itself is presented on display. It is transparency in both the literal and figurative senses, as if the automaker is saying, "We have nothing to hide, this is indeed a racecar with a license plate."

📸: Photo courtesy

This cool design element is even retained for the factory racecars, like this gorgeous F488 Challenge car.

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