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McLaren 720S hidden door scoops

📸: Photo courtesy

When it comes to "Cool Designs" McLaren has a ton of them, but their newest car, the 720S, has a trick to top them all. Getting enough air to a rear or mid-engine car is a high priority, and usually results in large scoops placed either on top of the car, or on the sides. Either way, this has a huge impact on the look and profile of the car. For the 720S, McLaren designer Robert Melville found another way: he hid the air channels inside the doors. This allowed him to leave the sides of the car smoothly sculpted as seen above. The tiny brake cooling scoop at the bottom of the quarter panel leaves no hint of the massive engine in back.

📸: Photo courtesy

Seen from above, the air channels become more obvious. From this view, it's easy to see how the designer intended to channel air around the cockpit and back to the radiators and air intake in the rear.

📸: Photo

Here's another angle on those air channels, where we can see just how deeply they are carved into the doors. Another ingenious design element from the master car builders at McLaren.

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