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The Design of Speed

Tesla Model X panoramic windshield

📸: Photo courtesy

There should be no surprise that many of the elements in our "Cool Designs" series have to do with glass, because glass plays such an important role in automotive design. American EV manufacturer Tesla stunned the world with its innovative sports SUV, the Model X, and the unique panoramic windshield is the feature we're focusing on as the coolest element of the car's design. Even cooler than the outrageous "Falcon Wing" doors.

📸: Photo courtesy

Crossovers and SUVs usually don't have major driver visibility issues, with their high seating positions and usually large greenhouses. Tesla takes it to the next level by replacing much of the forward roofline with windshield. That they're able to incorporate such a design and retain the car's 5 star safety rating is quite an accomplishment.

📸: Photo courtesy

According to Tesla, this is the largest all glass panoramic windshield in production. From this angle, it's very easy to see it's appeal.

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