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Ferrari curved backlight

📸: Photo courtesy

Probably some of the curviest glass you'll ever see are the backlights installed on Ferrari's mid-engine V6 and V8 models. It all started with the 1969 - 74 Dino series (while not technically Ferraris), and continued through the 300 series. While they differ slightly in execution, we think these all qualify as "Cool Designs." We'll take a look at the earliest and latest examples.

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The angle on this gorgeous 1973 Dino 246 GT shows how beautifully the backlight fits with the sloping roofline. The curved glass also improves visibility to the rear sides.

📸: Photo courtesy

Seen from this angle on this 1995 F355 Berlinetta, it's clear that in the later years, the size of the backlight increased, and the angles were made sharper. It's a very distinctive style.

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