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The Design of Speed

The Bugatti Chiron has a split window too!

📸: Photo courtesy

Perhaps it easy to overlook some details when dealing with a vehicle as groundbreaking as the Bugatti Chiron. In any case, when we featured the split rear window of the 1963 Corvette Stingray as a "Cool Design", we made mention of the fact that very few cars in the modern (post WWII) era have used the design, completely losing track of Bugatti's use of the feature in their latest uber car.

Not only does the Chiron have a true split window backlight, it also echoes the theme in the fastback roof element. And all of this plays around the central "spine" that is a large part of the car's design, an iconic element inspired by the legendary Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic.

📸: Photo courtesy

Look closely to see the split window in front of the massive engine.

📸: Photo courtesy

From this angle its easy to see the central "spine" line that actually runs from the grille all the way back to the rear spoiler.

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