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The Design of Speed

Lamborghini Aventador side scoops

📸: Photo courtesy

From a pure design standpoint, there is a lot to like about Lamborghini's top gun, the Aventador. There are just so many elements and angles and items to admire. The biggest bull is certainly not everyone's cup of tea, but there's no denying the car's presence. However, we do have a favorite element that we'll add to our "Cool Designs" series, and it is those absolutely massive air intakes just behind the doors.

📸: Photo courtesy

Actually, these scoops start carving into the body just in front of the doors, and the lines continue cutting deeper until it opens up into a huge duct that draws in cooling air to the engine's massive radiators. This key design element is apparent in all versions of the Aventador, such as the limited edition roadster, the "J" shown above...

📸: Photo courtesy

... to the Centenario, which takes the concept much further. Maybe too far?

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