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Porsche GT3 RS rear wing

📸: Photo courtesy

Wings are a big thing in the supercar world, and Porsche has a rich history of putting wild ones on their cars. For our "Cool Designs" series, we are focusing on the minimal but magnificent wing that graces the tail of the latest GT3 RS. In fact, we already covered this wing in our "Serious Downforce" series, but it's so cool, it bears another mention.

📸: Photo courtesy

Here we have a wing with lightweight, almost delicate mounts, and a clearly serious inverted aerofoil that delivers substantial... but not too much... downforce while minimizing drag. Porsche didn't get fancy and stylize the cutouts in the struts, making them spell out a name or some other nonsense. They used just enough material to get the job done.

📸: Photo courtesy

The bottom line: this very serious wing is a warning to any street racers that this particular Porsche suffers no fools.

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