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Aston Martin One-77 engine bay

📸: Photo courtesy

So far in our "Cool Designs" series, we've focused on external design elements that thrill. But for Aston Martin's incredible, limited edition One-77 supercar, we go below the lovely skin to take a gander at what may be the most beautiful engine bay ever for a modern, front-engine GT.

📸: Photo courtesy

The One-77, designed by Miles Nurnberger, features a carbon fiber monocoque chassis with a F1-inspired pushrod suspension. This layout ensures the sight of a bunch of tasty bits surrounding the big, 7.3 liter, naturally-aspirated engine.

📸: Photo courtesy

This angle shows off the extreme amounts of carbon fiber used OTHER than the chassis: cylinder head covers and intake covers and probably even more. Again, we think this is probably the loveliest engine bay for ANY front-engined supercar. Let us know if we're wrong.

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