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Audi R8 "Side Blades"

📸: Photo courtesy

This element had to grow on me, but now I am truly torn between which version of the Audi R8 I prefer: the gorgeous Spyder droptop, or the voluptuous coupe with those unique "side blades." Well, for the purpose of our "Cool Designs" series, I have to go with the couple. Audi designers Walter de Silva and Frank Lamberty are credited with the A8 design, and the side blades became the defining element of the car.

Unfortunately, the side blades were nixed in the second generation R8, but that just makes the first gen that much more desirable.

📸: Photo courtesy

This is a great angle of the side blade, shown here in carbon fiber. The dark contrasted against the light seems to form a deep cutout in the side of the car, making it seem less blocky and heavy.

📸: Photo courtesy

The side blades were such a strong identity element that even the race cars kept them in place, as shown here on an R8 LMS car meant to compete in the FIA's GT3 European Championship series.

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