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The Design of Speed

Cadillac CTS-V dashboard

📸: Photo courtesy

It might seem improper to go from the stratospheric high design of Bugatti to a mere example of Detroit iron, but the Cadillac CTS-V has rightfully earned its place in supercar land, so it makes sense that we also review its instrumentation. And as seen above, it turns out that General Motors did the right thing with the Cadillac interior, making it a comfortable place from which to pursue speeds of 200 mph with 3 of your closest friends.

📸: Photo courtesy

Cadillac may have, in fact, taken the performance focus slightly too far for a sedan that will most likely never see a racetrack. Notably missing from the instrument display shown above is the traditional rotary speedometer, while the rotary tach is given prominent position in the center of the display. Flanking the tach are a boost gauge and a g-meter, further driving home the point that this is a performance wolf wrapped in executive sedan lambskin. Actually, the instrument panel is a 12.3" wide high-definition display that the driver can configure in one of three different schemes.

📸: Photo courtesy

In addition to the dashboard, the CTS-V has a Heads Up Display that projects data onto the windshield.

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