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The Design of Speed

Aston Martin DB11 dashboard

📸: Photo courtesy

Aston Martin has long been known for its classy interiors, and the one they (literally) stitched together for their latest, the DB11, is as classy as ever. The perforated leather, the intricate stitching, the sensuous curves and shapes, all while keeping to a common design language familiar to all Aston Martins.

📸: Photo courtesy

Like some other manufacturers, Aston Martin makes use of a full color display for its main instrument binnacle, but also pays homage to classic clocks by mounting a center circular gauge to read both road speed and engine speed, as well as gear selection.

📸: Photo courtesy

Shown here in its native Right Hand Drive configuration, the DB11 cockpit seems both welcoming and purposeful. A great place to go 200 mph.

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