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The Design of Speed

2018 Porsche GT2 RS dashboard

📸: Photo courtesy

Even more conservative than Ferrari is Porsche, who seem determined to prove that simple is the best approach for serious performance cars. The dashboard on their very latest 911-evolved rocket, the 700 horsepower GT2 RS, looks deceptively simple at first glance. Five round gauges with the tachometer taking up prime position at the center of the cluster. To the right of the tach is a 4.6" color display feeding the driver information from the on-board computer.

📸: Photo courtesy

Porsche makes no attempt at mimicking Formula One with their steering wheel; instead, they copy the minimalism found in sports car racers, making sure the wheel is covered completely in grippy Alcantara, and providing a "straight ahead" stripe on the top (which is pretty much more for looks in a street car than useful). While quite luxurious, the interior of this car is all business, which is appropriate considering the speed of which it is capable.

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