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The Design of Speed

Koenigsegg Regera dashboard

📸: Photo courtesy

From rare to exceedingly rare, or review of Instrumentation designed for speed takes us from McLaren to Koenigsegg, specifically, the outrageously powerful Regera ultra hybrid (previously discussed here and here). Compared to the dynamic hiding trick played by the dashboard in the 720S, the Regera seems somewhat plain. Somewhat, while still wrapped in fine leather and surrounded by bespoke aluminum and carbon fiber.

📸: Photo courtesy

Supercars are obligated to surround their owners in luxury, perhaps in part to continuously assure them the money was well spent. All snark aside, the very fact that it is actually impossible to drive at top speed all of the time, a good car should also be a rewarding experience even sitting still. So the cockpit must be a delight to the senses. The Regera's unique interior treatment is pleasing to the eye, and no doubt to the tactile senses as well.

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