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The Design of Speed

McLaren P1

📸: Photo courtesy

Yes, we have visited McLaren's amazing P1 before on this site, here and here. Which is not completely surprising, because when the overall topic is the design of speed, the discussion may return again and again to certain cars specifically designed to be unbelievably speedy. Such as the P1, which is just about the hottest hybrid out there.

📸: Photo courtesy

How hot? Let's run the numbers once more: 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8 coupled with a single electric motor for a combined output of 903 horsepower, in a car that weighs less than 3500 pounds. The car has an electronically-limited top speed of 218 mph, but is said to be capable of reaching 248 mph with the limiter removed. That velocity seems credible, considering the specs of this amazing vehicle.

📸: Photo courtesy

As for hybrid functionality, the P1's batteries can be charged by the engine via the electric motor, or can be plugged in, and the car is able to drive about 6 miles on electric power only. Mostly, thought, the electric motor plays a supporting role, providing boosted power to the already powerful V8... just like all the other high performance hybrids in this series.

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