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The Design of Speed

Ferrari 599 GTO

📸: Photo courtesy

When Ferrari announced it's 599 GTO in 2010, the company claimed it was the fastest road car it had ever produced, based on its ability to lap the Fiorano test circuit even faster than the Ferrari Enzo. Yet, even though Ferrari decided to bestow the name "GTO" on the car, it was never meant to be a homologation special for racing. It was, however, considered a street version of the track-only 599XX.

📸: Photo courtesy

The 599 GTO packed a fairly large 6 liter V12 in its nose, making 661 horsepower and was able to reach a top speed of 208 mph. Power was down from the 599XX version, but up from the standard 599 GTB.

📸: Photo by Yiannimize

The beautiful 599 body was designed by Frank Stephenson, and was largely left unchanged in the GTO version. More aggressive front and rear vents, a ducktail spoiler molded in the deck lid, and a larger rear splitter make up the bulk of the changes. Ferrari only produced 599 examples of the GTO.

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