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The Design of Speed

McLaren P1

📸: Photo courtesy

Much like Ferrari and Lamborghini, just about every currently available McLaren can top 200 mph, which makes the world of exotic cars an embarrassment of riches, but more to the point, simply shows that there are both buyers out there willing to shell out enormous sums of money for the fastest of the fast, and there are manufacturers (bless them all) ready and able to meet the demand. But enough gushing, let's get to the McLarens.

The P1 is the ringleader in McLaren's self-described "Ultimate Series" and all it takes is one look at the body (and another glance at the spec sheet) to see that they may have a sound point.

📸: Photo courtesy

The P1's tiny, 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8 is so powerful (903 combined horsepower; the car also has an electric motor providing assist) and the car is so light that McLaren actually sees fit to electronically limit its top speed to merely 217 mph.

📸: Photo courtesy

Designed under the watchful eye of Frank Stephenson, the P1 and it's less powerful stable mates feature lines that display fresh thinking while being fully functional and very aggressive. These cars leave an impression that is unforgettable.

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