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The Design of Speed

Lamborghini Aventador

📸: Photo courtesy

Considering the speed of their main Italian competition, it should come as no surprise that the entire Lamborghini fleet is capable of exceeding 200 mph. Coupe or convertible, it makes very little difference, all of these raging bulls can fly! Up first in our Club 200 review is the mighty Aventador, the V12-powered top of the line for Lamborghini, and perhaps the most eye-catching supercar ever produced. When one of these shows up at a cars 'n coffee meet, they tend to grab the lion's share of attention.

📸: Photo courtesy

Many words have been written about the angles and sharp corners that make up the styling of the Aventador, and we don't have much to add, other than to say that even though the car is extremely photogenic, it packs even more visual punch in person, particularly when the driver is revving the big, 6.5 liter V12, making the exhaust crackle and snap. It truly is a feast for the senses of any automotive enthusiast. Even the most jaded Detroit iron fan can appreciate the Aventador.

📸: Photo courtesy

The Aventador S shown here has 730 horsepower and 4 wheel steering to go with the all wheel drive. The front splitter was redesigned and made even larger than earlier models. It looks fantastic to our eyes.

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