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The Design of Speed

Ferrari 488 GTB and Spyder

📸: Photo courtesy

Even the "small" V8-engined Ferraris make it into Club 200. The sublime 488 GTB coupe and Spyder convertible reach claimed speeds of 205 and 203 mph, respectively. And it may be an overused cliché, but they definitely look fast even standing still, particularly when adorned with Novitec modifications as shown below.

📸: Photo courtesy

Powered by a relatively small displacement engine (each cylinder holds only 488cc's, which is the basis for the model name), the 488 nevertheless puts out prodigious power: 661 horsepower at 8,000 rpm. This is made possible by the two turbochargers compressing the air entering those 8 cylinders.

📸: Photo courtesy

The 488 Spyder is slightly slower than the coupe only because of the extra weight of its folding hard top and associated chassis bracing. Either way, both are absolute rocketships for the road.

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