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The Design of Speed

Ferrari F12 tdf

📸: Photo courtesy

Perhaps we are revealing our Ferrari favoritism by saying so, but this car is simply stunning. An overachiever in every parameter, from power output, to handling dynamics to sheer aesthetics, the Ferrari F12 tdf is just an amazing automobile and a strong improvement over the already remarkable F12. With a claimed top speed of 211 mph, it demands membership in Club 200 mph, right alongside it's Superfast sibling.

📸: Photo courtesy

We like the front end treatment of the tdf much better than its F12 predecessor; and of course we love the throwback vents on the rear fender, reminiscent of the mid-60's 250 GTOs, another lovely design of pure speed.

📸: Photo courtesy

From the rear the F12 tdf looks muscular and thoroughly modern, yet still quite understated compared with some other members of Club 200 mph. Ferrari claims this model has double the aerodynamic efficiency of the F12 berlinetta.

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