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The Design of Speed

La Ferrari

📸: Photo courtesy

The list of current Ferraris that belong to Club 200 mph is rather long. In fact, only the California T and the GTC4Lusso T are unable to pass that mark, and they only miss it by a few mph (196 for the California, 198 for the Lusso). So for the next few posts, we'll be looking at the fastest of the Ferraris, and of course the fastest of the fastest is La Ferrari, the hyper hybrid from Maranello.

📸: Photo courtesy

The "definitive" Ferrari by both deed and title, the La Ferrari is claimed to top 217 mph, which is believable considering the car's hybrid powerplant generates a considerable 950 horsepower.

📸: Photo courtesy

Designed under the watchful eye of Flavio Manzoni (and, notably, with no assist from Pininfarina), La Ferrari clearly signals the company's intent to remain on the cutting edge of automotive design.

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