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Ferrari 250 California Spyder

📸: Photo courtesy

This was perhaps the toughest choice of all, as Ferrari simply has an incredible lineup of beautiful cars in its history. It was difficult deciding whether to focus on the modern era, or the classics? Front engine or mid-engine? V8 or V12? The only criteria we easily chose was to stick to the road-going cars, which unfortunately left out some very lovely examples (such as the magnificent 330 P4).

📸: Photo courtesy

Then we came across a photo of the 250 California Spyder, and that pretty much settled it. Front engine, V12, convertible top, wire wheels. This is the quintessential Ferrari. Park one by a La Ferrari and it will steal just as many admiring glances as the hyper hybrid.

📸: Photo courtesy

We tussled long and hard with considering the amazing 250 GTO, an undeniably sexy sportscar, but the simpler lines of the Spyder hold a timeless appeal. At least for us!

So to close out our "Most Beautiful" series, we have declared the 250 California Spyder to be the most beautiful Ferrari ever made! What are your thoughts?

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