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The Design of Speed

Audi R8

📸: Photo courtesy

Another relatively easy choice here, although Audi stylists put up a good fight with their A7, A5 and TT designs. But the R8 is Audi's most beautiful car without a doubt, as well it should be, considering its role as the pinnacle of Audi engineering. And as with the Jaguar E-Type, both the coupe and convertible versions are equally as lovely in their own ways.

📸: Photo courtesy

The second generation R8 is the loveliest of all, as Audi's designers, perhaps emboldened by the success of the first gen, penned even sharper, more aggressive lines in this rendition.

📸: Photo courtesy

Although the R8 shares much of its drivetrain and chassis with Lamborghini's Huracan, the body remains completely uninfluenced by it's Italian sister, striking out in a direction that says "supercar" in an understated way. It takes an over the top exhaust note to alert passersby that a true supercar is present.

Nicely designed by Walter de Silva and Frank Lamberty, the R8 is our pick for most beautiful car ever produced by Audi. Do you agree?

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