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Lexus LC 500/500h

📸: Photo courtesy

Much like Acura is to Honda, Lexus is the premium luxury brand for Toyota and as such, is responsible for elevating the parent company's reputation and ability to attract affluent buyers. And also like Acura, Lexus has traditionally used a more conservative approach to style and performance, focusing instead on reliability and value. It's not that Lexus made unattractive cars, but they certainly let others take the risks of innovative design.

That's no longer the case. And again, like Acura, the very latest design from Lexus, the LC 500 (and 500h with hybrid powertrain) is easily the most beautiful vehicle ever produced by the company. Lexus has embraced the future and has decided it will be sporty.

📸: Photo courtesy

Designed by Tadao Mori, the new LC is the 2 seater Grand Tourer that Lexus has hinted at for years, and now it is finally here. Far more attractive than the limited edition LFA, more evolved than the RC coupe, the lines of the LC exhibit both brawn and grace. These photos barely do the car justice.

📸: Photo courtesy

Wraparound taillights, the "floating" roof look caused by the blacked-out C pillar... there are a lot of elements to take in, but none of them are overbearing or out of proportion. This is our pick for the most beautiful Lexus ever produced. What is your take?

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