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Dodge Viper 2nd Generation and up

📸: Photo courtesy

This is another easy one. While Chrysler has made some very attractive automobiles under their various divisions (Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth), there's only one serious contender for the Most Beautiful sporting car from the marque, and that's the game-changing Dodge Viper. Specifically starting with the 2nd generation version, which was first released in 1996. Designed by Tom Gale and approved by Bob Lutz and Lee Iacocca, the Viper is considered one of the great American sportscars.

📸: Photo courtesy

Note that we're only including the coupe model of the Viper. The fastback lines create a more pleasing proportion than the roadster, in our eyes.

📸: Photo courtesy

Later model Vipers sport more aggressive vents and cuts than the early models, and the ACR versions sprout huge rear wings for racetrack-ready downforce. In fact, the Viper's beauty lies in it's unapologetic brutality. The curves may be somewhat sensuous, but the car plainly means business. And it is clearly the most beautiful Dodge ever built. Do you agree?

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