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Mercedes Benz CL-Class (C215)

📸: Photo courtesy

This choice is probably the most controversial. The rich history of Mercedes Benz includes a number of stunning, and frankly iconic designs: the incomparable 300 SL Gullwing Coupe, the "pagoda top" 250 SL, the 500k from 1934-36, and many, many more. But we decided to go with a car from the modern era, the CL-Class of 1999-2006.

📸: Photo courtesy

What we like most is the sense of proportion: this is a large, luxury GT in a 2+2 configuration, but it appears much smaller than it looks. The sweeping roofline, the lack of a B pillar and the minimized C pillar give the cockpit an airy look, particularly when all four windows are down. The rear taillight wraps around to the sides of the fender, and the angle lends itself to the suggestion of a slight turn up lip at the edge of the trunk. The beltline starts from the wraparound front bumper and runs nearly parallel to the ground all the way to the wraparound rear bumper. The car exudes strength and class.

📸: Photo courtesy

The front view is gorgeous too, with only a slightly "chunky" look as the tops of the fenders merge into the A pillar. It would have been nice if the hood was lower, but they need to make room for the powerful engine below.

What do you think of this choice? Is there another Mercedes Benz that is more beautiful?

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