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Lamborghini Miura

📸: Photo courtesy

This one, at first, seems the obvious choice for the most beautiful car ever produced by the Lamborghini factory. The most modern Lambos are more brutal and utilitarian, with the possible exception of the exceptional Aventador. But some of the early models, such as the Islero or the Urraco bear mentioning, as they also displayed eyecatching lines.

But not like those of the Miura, who's long, low shape captured enthusiast imaginations immediately. Designed by Marcello Bandini of Bertone, and produced from 1966 to 1973, the Miura changed the automotive world.

📸: Photo courtesy

The rear three-quarter view of the Miura seems to be among its best angles, allowing one's eye to trace the fender line as it flows from front to back, ending in a small flip up lip suggesting a downforce intent. The proportions of the design are remarkable; just enough window, the perfect amount of overhang, not too much fender flare. There is nothing gaudy about the Miura (in contrast to the cars to come from Lamborghini!), just solid, classy design.

📸: Photo courtesy

The front view shows perhaps the weakest element of Miura design. For such a masculine design, the vents above the headlights suggest eyelashes and give a vaguely feminine look. The front grill is largely forgettable, and the Lamborghini badge is understated. In our admittedly uneducated opinion, the best that can be said about the front treatment is that it leads to the rest of the spectacular body! Despite this, we stand behind our assessment that the Miura is Lamborghini's Most Beautiful model. What are your thoughts?

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