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The Design of Speed

BMW 850 CSi

📸: Photo courtesy

We're now going to dive head first into complete subjectivity: the new category is "Most Beautiful." We'll post what we think is the single most beautiful example from each manufacturer, regardless of year, but all sharing one common trait: they were designed for speed.

📸: Photo by Matt Garrett/

And we're planting our preference flag with BMW for their spectacular, ahead-of-its-time 8 series GT coupe, specifically the 850 CSi. The car's gorgeous lines were designed by Klaus Kapitza, and we particularly like the wedge shape, the low profile front with old school hideaway headlights, the lack of a B-pillar creating an airy cockpit feel, and the subtly bulging fenders to handle those wide wheels.

📸: Photo by Matt Garrett/

Produced from 1992 to 1996, the big 8 actually featured a 5.6 liter V12 tuned to produce 375 horsepower, and significantly, 410 foot-pounds of torque.

Do you agree with our Most Beautiful choice for BMW, or do you think we should have picked a different model?

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