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The Design of Speed

Lamborghini Veneno

📸: Photo courtesy

Another limited edition based on the amazing Aventador, the Veneno was produced to commemorate the Italian firm's 50th anniversary. Lamborghini only produced 5 Veneno coupes in 2013, and 9 roadsters in 2014. When it was introduced, it was the most expensive production car in the world.

📸: Photo courtesy of Pinterest

This rear view emphasizes the many complex lines and shapes that make up the Veneno design. Check out how the 4 exhaust ports are fitted to the center of the splitter.

📸: Photo by Carsnco Photography

Here's the roadster in luscious pearl white with beige hides. The Veneno's many aerodynamic aids speak to the car's ability to achieve extreme speeds. The roadster is capable of exceeding 220 mph.

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