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Audi R8 V10 Plus

📸: Photo courtesy

Talk about an unforgettable face, Audi's formidable R8 has it in spades! Audi designers Walter de Silva and Frank Lamberty took the signature "horseshoe" radiator grill and transformed it into a gaping maw that just seems to suck up all the air the car's big V10 needs.

📸: Photo courtesy

While the central grill is the dominating element, the LED-enhanced headlights lend the car it's "angry" look. Audi was one of the pioneers of using LED daytime running lights to outline the regular headlights and provide a signature look.

📸: Photo by Lemon3, courtesy of Wikimedia

Audi added extra bling to the front end of it's V12 TDI concept car. Unfortunately, this car never made it into production.


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