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The Design of Speed

Aston Martin Vulcan

📸: Photo courtesy

Aston Martin has a few signature design elements, most notably it's grill, but the Vulcan takes those concepts to the most aggressive extreme possible. Designed by Aston's Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman, not only the face but the entire design of the Vulcan is unforgettable.

📸: Photo courtesy

Since the Vulcan is a track-only vehicle, the design brief did not have to include street necessities like usable headlights. The line is limited only by the amount of performance it brings to the table, so the Vulcan's front end seeks to minimize frontal area as much as possible.

📸: Photo by Norbert Aepli

This shot of Aston's DB11 shows the latest incarnation of the marque's traditional grill. We're not sure what to call this shape... tombstone? Trapezoid? In any case, it has long been part of the Aston Martin style. It's just that the Vulcan takes this shape and makes it seem... dangerous.

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