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Lamborghini Countach

📸: Photo courtesy

Continuing with the Wild Wings subset of the Serious Downforce series, we have to stop and give props to the wing that launched a thousand teenage boy dreams, the optional aero foil attached to many of the Lamborghini Countachs that were sold. If any single styling element of the Countach helped make the car seem positively aeronautical, this huge wing was it.

📸: Photo courtesy

The big wing actually slowed the car due to excessive drag, but most owners opted for it anyway.

📸: Photo courtesy

Shown here on a 25th anniversary edition, it's debatable whether the wing adds to the styling or not. One thing is sure: it makes an already eye-catching car even more so. The Countach, with or without the wing, remains a stunning accomplishment on the part of designer Marcello Gandini.

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