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Ferrari LaFerrari

📸: Photo by Clement Bucco-Lechat, courtesy Wikimedia

What's most interesting about the active aerodynamic's on Ferrari's ultra hypercar, LaFerrari, is the fact that they are nearly invisible. According to Ferrari engineers, a big wing is not necessary for the LaFerrari to generate serious downforce. Instead, they rely on a very subtle spoiler at the rear, in conjunction with moving surfaces underneath the car. When the spoiler is retracted, it is easily overlooked.

📸: Photo courtesy

Shown here fully extended, the LaFerrari spoiler is clearly apparent.

📸: Photo courtesy

The LaFerrari is not the first Ferrari to come with active aeros, but it is the first production road car to do so. The 599 FXX track-only car was the company's first endeavor with adjustable aerodynamics.

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