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The Design of Speed

1990 Porsche 911

📸: Photo courtesy

While not nearly as attention-grabbing as the Turbo 911's iconic "whale tale," the automatic rear wing introduced on the 1990 Porsche 911 was the first mass market production of an adjustable aerodynamic device.

📸: Photo courtesy Wikimedia

The wing extends to it's "up" position when road speed reaches or exceeds 75 mph (or 55 mph is the engine is hot). The wing retracts to it's "down" position when the car slows to 35 mph. Shown here is a 1994 911 Speedster with the wing down.

📸: Photo courtesy

Automatically adjustable wings are now common features on all Porsche sportscars, including the Boxster model range and the four door Panamera series, while the higher-end specialty Porsches (i.e. Turbo, GT) tend to have fixed wings.

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