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Pagani Huayra BC

📸: Photo courtesy

Leave it to innovative supercar maker Pagani to combine the best of both aerodynamic worlds we've been discussing here: "basket handle type wings" and active aerodynamics. This beautiful Pagani Huayra BC incorporates a massive basket handle wing, and augments it with airplane-like flaps that respond to the car's need for downforce.

📸: Photo courtesy AutoGespot Photography

These two rear flaps are accompanied by two flaps up front, and each flap can operate independently. Pagani says that by positioning one flap up and the other side down, the car can minimize body roll during aggressive cornering.

📸: Photo courtesy

The BC is an modified version of the standard Huayra, and was named after Benny Caiola, a personal friend of Horacio Pagani and the company's first customer. The BC's 6 liter, twin-turbo Mercedes/AMG built V12 power is increased to 790 horsepower, and the car's overall weight drops by almost 300 pounds.

Only 20 of these beautiful machines were produced.

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