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Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S

📸: Photo courtesy

The driving force behind Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, James Glickenhaus, is a man passionate about high performance motoring as measured by the crucible of auto racing. So passionate that he has used his years of experience with high-end race cars to create one of his very own... and to top that off by also creating a street-legal version of the same race car. The SCG003S is that street-legal car, what amounts to a LeMans-style endurance racer for the street. And in keeping with this first chapter of our Serious Downforce series, the SCG003S features what looks a lot like the basket handle wings found on the other cars in this series.

📸: Photo courtesy

One clear difference in the SCG wing is that instead of just channeling the downforce to the car via the ends of the spoiler, it also features a center strut, in this case attached to the car's "dorsal spine." But it appears the bulk of the downforce is meant to be transmitted to the beefier side struts.

📸: Photo courtesy

The SCG's wing, like the entire body, is made of carbon fiber. The idea behind this incredible purpose-driven vehicle is simple: Glickenhaus says he wanted to create a vehicle that the owner could drive to the race track, change wheels to track-oriented rubber, compete at a high level, then change the wheels back to street tires and drive home. That is quite a dream, and now here it is in the flesh. With serious downforce.

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