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The Design of Speed

1986-1989 Porsche 959

📸: Photo courtesy

Porsche designers were far from unfamiliar with attaching large wings to the rear of their cars in pursuit of roadholding downforce, but the basket handle type of wing had yet to make an appearance on a Porsche street car until the release of the technological tour de force called the 959. And as with all Porsche 911 styling, the wing was both subtle and outrageous all at once. It may have been the wildest supercar of the time, were it not for those pesky Italians.

📸: Photo courtesy

The 959's wing seamlessly blended into the car's overall styling, adding a sense of increased width to the rear. It left no mistake that this was no ordinary 911, turbo or not.

📸: Photo courtesy

At the time of its introduction, the 959 was easily the most technologically advanced supercar ever assembled, as well as the fastest production car of the era, it's twin-turbo, all wheel drive powertrain able to push it to 195 mph.

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