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The Design of Speed

1987-1992 Ferrari F40

📸: Photo by Wil Ainsworth, courtesy of Wikimedia

When Ferrari teamed up with Pininfarina to design the F40 supercar, they could not have known how the public would respond to the car's iconic basket handle wing, a styling touch that would go on to inspire so many other designers and sports car tuners. This wing really completes the look of this magnificent car; it would be difficult to imagine it having the same impact with a different style of spoiler.

📸: Photo by Miguel Mendez, courtesy of Wikimedia

The Ferrari F40 was, in its time, the most remarkable supercar on the planet. Not the best, mind you, but the most remarked upon, dreamt about, desired, etc. In large part due to the silhouette created by that fantastic wing.

📸: Photo courtesy of

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