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The Design of Speed

2004 Maserati MC12

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Probably the most beautiful Maserati ever built, the MC12's basket handle wing is every bit as audacious as the huge piece on the Plymouth Superbird... and most likely even more effective at generating downforce. Designed by Frank Stephenson, the Maserati MC12 was produced so that Maserati could compete in the FIA GT Championship; the racing version was quite successful. It won the Manufacturer's title in 2005, and as campaigned by Vitaphone Racing, it won the Team title 5 consecutive times (2005 through 2009).

📸: Photo The Car Spy, courtesy of Wikimedia

The big wing, though it looks great, was obviously more than cosmetic. Reportedly, at 125 mph, it created enough downforce to alter the car's weight distribution from a static 41% front, 59% rear to 34% front, 66% rear.

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The MC12 was based on the Ferrari Enzo, but according to some reports, was actually faster on some courses than the Ferrari.

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