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The Design of Speed

1999 Maserati 3200 GTA

📸: Photo by Jason for

As the end of the 20th Century loomed, legendary Italian automaker Maserati did what other car makers had already been forced to do: release an automatic transmission version of their leading sportscar. At the 1999 Geneva Motor Show, Maserati introduced the 3200 GT Automatica, or GTA. Coupled to the 3200's 3.2 liter, 32 valve, twin-turbo V8, the torque converter auto only added about 66 extra pounds to the car's total weight. The transmission did have a minor impact on the car's projected top speed, dropping it from 174 to 168 mph.

📸: Photo by Jason for

The 3200 was designed by Italdesign, which was founded by renowned designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. The tail light treatment adds some flair to what might be considered a bland rear end, while adding more illumination for safety.

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