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1999 Chevrolet Corvette Fixed Roof Coupe (FRC)

[Continuing with the Turn of the Century theme, we realize that most would consider the 2000 model year to be the true turn of the century, but we decided to go with 1999 because it's the last model before the change to the new millennium.]

In 1999 the Chevrolet Corvette was in the middle of it's C5 run (which would end in 2004) and this year would be the first appearance of the hardtop version, which is also known as the Fixed Roof Coupe (FRC). For some, this model was the most performance oriented, as the body was both lighter and more rigid than the fastback or convertible. However, all three shared the same 345 horsepower LS-1 V8 engine.

The C5 was designed by GM's John Cafaro, one of the companies top designers, and the design took quite a while to make it through the approval process (here's a nice bio on Cafaro). The lines are clean and flowing, although some have had issue with the boxy rear. The hardtop and convertible versions, with their flat decks, seem to make the most of the design.

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