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Porsche 918 Spyder

📸: Alexandre Prevot, courtesy Wikimedia

Another unattainable supercar with relatively high production numbers (Porsche planned to sell 918 units), and one might wonder why we're including it in this "unattainable" category. Well, just look at it, it's simply gorgeous! Not to mention outrageously quick, and a technical tour de force to top it all off. No, the Porsche 918 Spyder will not be denied, and lucky are the few able to afford putting one in their garage.

With it's powerful hybrid drive train, the 918 Spyder offers 5 drive modes using various combinations of its 2 electric motors and 1 internal combustion engine. Shown above is a prototype in matte black, below a production model in beautiful silver.

📸: Ben, courtesy Wikimedia

The surface details of the rear are intricate and mesmerizing, yet leave no doubt there is an incredible powerplant lurking beneath the expansive rear deck. The way the rear splitter curves up to encircle the rear fender recalls the "barge board" aerodynamic devices used in Formula 1. This unattainable supercar is a true work of art, designed by Porsche Chief Designer Michael Maurer

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