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The Design of Speed

Hennessey Venom GT

📸: Axion23, courtesy Wikimedia

It makes sense, somehow, that the land that makes one of the most amazing affordable supercars (the Corvette Z06) would also make the hairiest, most insanely powerful unattainable supercar. This is Hennessey Performance Engineering's Venom GT: 1,400 horses pushing only 2,700 pounds of thrill ride.

To be fair, the Venom GT is based on a British design, the Lotus Exige. But after Texas-based Hennessey finishes stuffing a heavily-massaged 7 liter General Motors LSX twin-turbo under the bonnet, matched to a Ricardo 6-speed manual gear change, the Lotus' kind soul is forever corrupted by the overwhelming all American muscle.

As for it's unattainable status; actually, if you put a call in to John Hennessey and say the right words, you might be able to get one. Or perhaps get talked into waiting the for the upcoming Venom 5. But before you go even that far, some serious introspection is required: is there such a thing as too much power?

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