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1999 Ford Special Vehicle Team (SVT) Mustang Cobra

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We know, it appears we skipped Ford in this Turn of the Century series. Actually, we did it intentionally, but upon further introspection, decided the carmaker really should get credit for it's venerable sportscar, the Mustang. In 1999, Ford released its fourth generation of the ponycar, and the SVT Cobra version was indeed far superior to the standard and GT versions of the Mustang. The Cobra came equipped with a 4.6 liter, 32 valve, DOHC V8 rated at 320 horsepower. There was some controversy about the engine underperforming, so Ford actually recalled all 1999 Mustang Cobras to replace the intake, exhaust and other components to ensure the power output was correct.

📸: Courtesy of SneakySonBeach

Ford actually loaded up the Cobra with serious performance parts not found on other Mustangs. Instead of a solid rear axle, the Cobra came with independent rear suspension. The styling of the car was referred to by Ford as "New Edge" and was designed by Patrick Schiavone, who also designed Ford's new F150 pickup truck, and the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator large SUVs. Per Wikipedia, Schiavone is now Global Vice President of Design for Whirlpool Corporation.


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